Joe Podvin


Coach Podvin has several coaching certifications including USATT club coach and he is SafeSport Certified. He started coaching on a part-time basis until he ended his successful career at US Bank in 2018. Ever since, coach Podvin has been a full-time coach and player. He coaches people of all ages and skill levels. As a player, Joe has accomplished similar feats. He was the Junior National Team Alternate in 2003, he has won the Minnesota State Championships 3 times, and more!​​

To schedule a lesson with Joe, call him at 651-353-2818 or email

Yokuthon (Yoku) Metinova

Yoku is a profession table tennis player and coach from Fergana, Uzbekistan. She has done several impressive things like earning third place in the Women's singles at the National Championship of Uzbekistan in 2006 and earning a bronze medal in the team representing Fergana state at the National High School Championship of Uzbekistan, 2006. She is also a verified USATT Club Coach, SafeSport certified, and more. She started coaching in 2008 part-time. Yoku now coaches players of all ages. Outside of table tennis, Yoku enjoys drawing, sketching, design, hiking, and more!

To schedule a lesson with Yoku, call her at 435-817-0805 or email