Junior Private Lesson Expectations

Junior private lessons are a privilege and need to be treated as such. If a junior is taking private lessons and would like to take their game to the next level, below are coach Joe's expectations.

1. Pre and post-lesson warmup. This includes footwork and service practice.

2. Practice outside of the lesson 2-5 times per week.  This incudes on the table drills, service practice, and off the table footwork drills.

3. Play in at least one league per week or the Saturday afternoon tournament at the JCC in St. Louis Park.


Junior Tournament Expectations


Parents and coaches spend a great deal of time, energy, and financial resources to enable you to participate in tournaments. You should make a significant commitment to pre-tournament practice/play so that you are fully prepared to perform at your highest level. Tournaments are fun and exciting, but they also need to be approached in a serious and thoughtful manner. For young players, it is a unique opportunity to improve your level, implement new skills and strategies, gain confidence and valuable experience, learn something new, and participate in matches with players of varying styles. When you participate in a tournament it important that you:

  1. Arrive at the playing venue at least 1 hour prior to your first match

  2. Always know when and where your next match is

  3. Arrive at your assigned table 15 minutes prior to your match

  4. Manage your equipment at all times – keep it organized and secure

  5. Use your non-playing time wisely:

    1. Do warm-up activities

    2. Practice footwork steps

    3. Journal about prior or future opponents or playing styles

    4. Review notes on different playing styles, strategies, and tactics

    5. Watch better players in matches and observe their technique, strategy, and tactics. Take away at least one thing to improve your game.

    6. Be present when teammates are playing and cheer them on

    7. Review skills/techniques/strategies with your coach

    8. Eat a nutritious snack, drink some water, and go to the bathroom

  6. Always carry a water bottle and stay hydrated

  7. Have a good breakfast and eat numerous, nutritious snacks – fruit, veggies, nuts, power bars, etc. -  throughout the day. Avoid candy, junk food, pop, other sugary food

  8. Bring the following clothes and equipment to the tournament: paddle (plus a spare paddle), towel, water bottle, an extra set of playing clothes (including socks), and pants/sweatshirt to keep you warm between matches

  9. In match reminders:

    1. Bring your towel/water to the table

    2. Introduce yourself to your opponent and ask to see their paddle

    3. Always say the score before you serve. Also, say the score if the other player is serving and not saying the score.

    4. 1 minute can be used in between games to take a break or talk to your coach

    5. 1 time out per match

    6. If a match goes to the 5th game, switch sides of the table when the first person reaches 5 points

    7. Every 6 points you can use your towel and take a 10-15 second break

    8. Water can only be taken in between games

  10. No matter how much better your opponent may be, how far ahead or behind you may be, never stop fighting, and never think you can coast to a victory.  Continue to give your all until the very last point is scored.