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Coach Joe is now sponsored by Joola! He also has the opportunity to award sponsorships to the top two juniors - 13 and under. The first junior tournament on September 23rd will determine this year's sponsored juniors. Next year's sponsorship will be determined at the end of the junior tournament season in June 2019.  This year's sponsorship will extend from September 2018 - June 2019. The sponsorship is $500 a year in table tennis equipment and a welcome package from Joola.  A junior/coach contract will also need to be signed. 


Below are some highlights of the junior/coach sponsorship contract:

1. Attend the JCC Saturday Kidz Pong morning training and tournament directly following kidz pong 50% of the year.

2. Participate in as many junior clinics as possible.

4. Participate in at least 4 USATT rated events a year.

5. Represent Joola when playing table tennis by wearing Joola clothing and using Joola equipment.

*Not required but suggested by Joola, junior can create an athlete page on Facebook and post Joola related pictures/comments.


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