My name is Dat Nguyen, I am an amateur table tennis player for several decades. I would love to make a break through into the intermediate level of table tennis.​ My first weakness is the serve, I watched many demos how to serve, but somehow I could not imitate the same, even though it looks easy. Finally I took an hour training with Joe to learn from him the missing detail on those Youtube videos. Joe hold my hand to guide me performing a back spin serve while murmuring into my ears the secret password to unlock the art of serving.​ That was it what I was seeking for years how to make a back spin serve, the foundation of all serves that spin. With his help I can now easily produce a back spin serve and all its derivatives. I thank Joe for his professional guidance and wholeheartedly recommend his training to all who suffer the same shortage that I had to endure. - Dat Nguyen


I recently had my first experience with having a tournament coach and it is one that I can unreversedly recommend to other players who have not yet made that commitment. Here are three specifics where his coaching made a difference. 1) During a key match Joe triggered a timeout that I would either have missed or called too late-it headed off what would otherwise have been a falling-off-the-cliff moment. 2) Joe helped with in-tournament scouting that resulted in a signficant improvement in my return of serve against a player I had lost to just weeks before-leading directly to a win. 3) And finally and perhaps most important, returning to normal development work with a vetted set of specific issues to work on that were focused on making a maximum difference in preparation for the next tournament.  Keith Willard

Before my league play last night, I reminded myself to "wait and weight" and other basics you taught me, as well as just to "play within myself," by not trying to do to much. I even did all right with the forehand and backhand loop. I ended up winning eight of eight games and four matches, all against opponents I had not previously beaten. It encourages me to keep practicing. Thanks for all you have done for me. - Jay Thacker